13) We’re Grateful for…

… the $200 gift from Asbury United Methodist Church in Tulsa. So glad we were able to stop by and see you in 2018. God bless you!!!
… the $100 blessing from Mission Network. We appreciate you!!!
… the $50 gift from a great friend of Brigada in Florence, South Carolina. We are honored to have you on board! Thank you!

In addition to being a fan of Brigada, one donor loves the short-term mission sending organization, XMA. Learn more about their work at…


… a $30 donation from a great friend in Gilbert, AZ. God bless you!
… the $100 empowering gift from True Fan friends at visionSynergy. God bless you! Learn more about visionSynergy by clicking to…

… the $100 given by a True Fan of Brigada at Horizons International. We’re soooooooo grateful for your partnership and shared vision. Learn more about Horizons International at…


… the $100 gift from our good friends at…


where they help workers learn to “breathe” through strategic and intentional retreats and group meetings. May God bless their work.

… the $100 gift from Create International. Bless you and keep up the great work, Create International!! Learn more about Create International by browsing…


…$25 from an anonymous volunteer who believes in Brigada. He’s also a great friend of Transforming Teachers (www.transformingteachers.org) which is part of TeachBeyond. Learn more at… www.teachbeyond.org .

…$50 from another anonymous friend — Thank you so much. He wrote, “We’ve been loyal readers for years. Your research and networking has been priceless for much of the two decades we spent serving in Albania. We’re home now, but still keeping up with the field through your work. And now having some more money, there are strategic ministries like your own that we have the honor to help.” Whoa. God bless you for your kind words!

…$25 from a Texan who was one of our very first Brigada subscribers way back in 1995! God bless you for hanging in there all these years!

…the $200 gift from a True Fan of Brigada who wrote, “Am just an ordinary missions-minded church-going follower of Christ. Nothing to advertise. Have been blessed by Brigada since the 1990s. Thank you for all the years of serving us, your readers. Sharing what God has entrusted with you all.” Wow. Thank YOU for being part of the Brigada family!

…the $25 gift from a missions mobilizer with EFCA way up in Fergus Falls, Minnesota! God bless you!

…the $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada in Oklahoma City. He and his wife have participated in Brigada, and also in mobilizing students to missions, for as long as we can remember. We’re grateful!

…a $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada who just wanted to remain anonymous. One donor wrote, “Thanks for your wonderful gift to the Body of Christ and to Jesus, Himself as you tirelessly prepare and send out these emails!” Honestly, each of these gifts are sobering to us. Such a blessing. They power us forward into the new year — and keep Brigada going all year long. Thank you!

…a $100 gift from a True Fan of Brigada serving with Beyond in Asia. These Beyond people… They’re awesome. May God bless the entire agency. They don’t just make disciples. They equip them to multiply exponentially. Learn more about Beyond at…


…a precious $15 gift from a great friend of Brigada who wrote, “Thank you for your ongoing work in keeping us connected with resources!” She added, “We have found them so helpful and a great source of information to pray for people and their ministries.” God bless you!!!

Have you ever driven by one of those big billboards that just said something like, “Harry Loves Melinda,” or whatever. And you instantly think, wow — that guy was willing to go all out for the person he loves. Imagine being able to send a copy of Brigada to someone you love, with the simple instruction, “Please read this missions newsletter — especially item 13.” Imagine the person’s surprise when they see their name (even just their first name, to keep things kind of secure) mentioned along with your gift. What a unique way to send a super-special Christmas greeting, right? : ) For whatever reason you want, please…

Just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

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