2019/01/13 — Brigada Today

In this issue…
1) Video Counseling Available
2) Can You Teach Us About Community-Based Bible Translation? (CCBT)
3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?
4) Finally, a Pretty Decent Travel Checklist
5) Looking for a Fresh Voice for Prayer In Your Life? Try This:
6) Church Prayer Leaders’ Network Introduces New Magazine: Pray
7) ChinaSource Quarterly — Teaching in China
8) Digital Media Strategy For Making Meaningful Faith Decisions
9) Finishing the Task: “We Aren’t Finished!”
10) Nations Course 2019 in Chiang Mai and Rotterdam
11) Didn’t Make it To Urbana? It’s OK; William Will Take You There
12) Didn’t Make it to Cross (missions) Conference either?
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: A Tribute to Don Richardson (by Danny Lehmann)
15) Closing Stuff

2 Responses to 2019/01/13 — Brigada Today
  1. max Reply

    Thanks for the great report on the life and ministry of Don Richardson !
    I met him and Carol at a pre Perspectives Conference hosted by Ralph Winter at USCWM
    Would you have the link to the Baylor study by Robert Woodbury referred to by Danny Lehmann
    Can you advise

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    Website: http://www.lifechurchint.org
    Stay Curious-Think Well–Advance Good

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