3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?

What’s your favorite Android or iOS app for assisting with a foreign language real-time translation, say, when an English-speaking pastor is visiting your church and you need the sermon to be understood by Zarma (Zerma) listeners? …or Somalis? …or you fill in the blank. Are there apps that, for example, allow a listener to use his own earbuds on his smartphone, while logged on to the wi-fi of the event or church? For example, could someone use a service like…




One would simply be broadcasting “live” at the back of the church, right? So people in the audience would log on to that live broadcast and it would be their current church service, except, someone would be contextualizing the message for the hearing crowd — in the language you need. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Are there apps to aid in such a thing?


4 Responses to 3) What About an App for Real-time, Simultaneous Worship Times?
  1. Rick Maples Reply

    Our church uses Interactio https://interactio.io. It has worked well for us.

    • Editor Reply

      Looks perfect, Rick. Thanks so much for the tip!

  2. David R. Hackett Reply

    Check Christian-developed https://spf.io

  3. Jim Nelson Reply

    At a gathering in Asia last summer for 250 youth from 13 different Asian countries, we used Zello for simultaneous translation into 3 to 5 other languages, as needed. I did not set it up, but I know that it used different talkgroups for each language, with users signing in to multiple available wifi hotspots with their phones, and then signing in to the appropriate talkgroup on Zello.

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