12) Didn’t Make it to Cross (missions) Conference either?

Shew. What did you DO over Christmas vacation then? No seriously, you can revisit Cross Conference here. Wow — powerful video. We would have loved to have been there.




Were you at Cross? If so, could you share a brief testimony in a comment following the web version of this item please? We’re trying to see the conference through your eyes?


2 Responses to 12) Didn’t Make it to Cross (missions) Conference either?
  1. Hanni Boeker Reply

    When clicking the link crossforthenations.org/, the web opens with the message “secure connection failed”. Can you help me? Thank you!

    • Editor Reply

      Hi Hanni. We aren’t experiencing that response. Can you try again using a different browser? For example, if you received this response in Windows’ default Internet Explorer or Edge, try Google Chrome. Maybe it was a momentary thing. It just opened for us — normally.

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