10) We Have the Admit: Signal is Better (at Secure Communication)

OK. Uncle. (Maybe “Man from Uncle,” in fact.) We’re ready to admit — Signal feels like a better solution for secure communication. And based on the claims we see at…




and the reviews at locations like…




Of course, that review is a couple of years old. The newest reviews have gotten even better for Signal, especially the MOST recent reviews, which are concerned about what’s up with WhatsApp, now that Facebook owns it and is planning to integrate it with (what????) Instagram?


We’re putting our money on Signal, for the moment.


3 Responses to 10) We Have the Admit: Signal is Better (at Secure Communication)
  1. global nomad Reply

    Check out threema

  2. Dan Reply

    Yes, it is time to leave WhatsApp.
    Here is a nice comparison of messaging apps:

    Apart from Threema and Signal, Wire (https://wire.com) is also a good alternative.

  3. Joann Reifel Reply

    One of our German friends here in West Africa was so concerned about the security issues (he already uses Linux) that he pulled out of FB and WaApp last year. Some of us joined the Signal pages he opened but not everyone was able to. It’s still a work in progress, but I’m also concerned about the security of a group like FB taking over all these other aspects of communication. However I am not techy enough to take the time to figure it all out myself.

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