2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?

The Zúme Project has hit a wall on its 7th and 8th translations (French and Swahili). They need a team of French translators (minimum 2) as well as a couple of Swahili translators too, both of whom have video and audio skills. This translation team won’t get rich, but rest assured that this is a paid job. Native speakers are preferred. If you are French or native Swahili-speaking and you’d love to be paid for creating a quality translation for a VERY critical disciple-making movement (DMM) course, please contact

languageguyathushmaildotcom  (languageguyathushmaildotcom)  


with your name and location, along with email, a mobile phone number,

and a bit about how you learned about Zúme. In advance, thanks!


3 Responses to 2) Calling Any French Translators with Audio/Video Skills?
  1. Monique Walters-Arnold Reply

    J’ai entendu dire que vous cherchez quelqu’un à traduire le français? Je peux traduire l’anglais au français et au contraire. Je préfère la traduction orale.

    Quel est le sujet?

    Combien est-ce qu’on paye?
    Que Dieu vous bénisse!

  2. Nkembe Kemwa Sylvain Xavier Reply

    Good morning I am interested.

  3. Nkembe Kemwa Sylvain Xavier Reply

    Je suis disponible pour la traduction en Français.Merci

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