6) Do Agnostics Every Try to "Convert" Us?

Joe wrote this past week, musing about the fact that, although he had encountered many agnostics over the years (those who don’t really care for God — so they decide not to make a decision about Him, exactly), none of them had ever tried to persuade him to embrace their view. This prompted him to wonder — do agnostics ever try to “convert” us to their mindset? There’s always the triple-A. You know… The Agnostic Association of America.




That’s about the best I could do. Anyway, Joe was thinking — they must not have very much to offer him? Anyone have any experience with being “evangelized” in this way? Take Clarence Darrow for instance: “I am an agnostic. I do not pretend to know what many ignorant men are sure of.”


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  1. Ted Bjorem Reply

    yes and part of my testimony
    First week at San Jose Bible College some new friends took this non-shopper shopping. I let the m go shop. While waiting a shops assistant came up and we fell into a conversation. When and how it feel into spiritual things dont remember. My friends came back and learning he did not believe in God tried to blast him with evidence. He had bigger guns and I got blasted out of the water. Went back to dorm and prayed God if you are there, prove it.
    I was in Bible College but if this was just a lie I had to face that truth. Over the next few months God answered my prayers. Some of the things he said about the Bible were true; others were not. An unanswerable philosophical question did puzzle me for a while until it was revealed as irrelevant, but they can sound so profound at first – can God make a rock too big to lift? But there is more, he showed up in Chapel!! Why, how?

    Well he went to the local Christian Book and wanted to argue. About closing time Bobbies husband Bill came in and invited him home. Christian love was behind his appearance. I know no more. And just in case you didn’t put two and two, it was the Putnams.

    Sadly two of my new friends were persuaded. They were at the Uni so had no other input other than dorm devotions.

    God rejecting teachers in Universities are not backward about ridicule.

    Initially the apologetic of God’s World, Word, Word made Flesh were so helpful. But now the changed lives and answered payers

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