1) The Book, "More Disciples," Dropped Yesterday on Kindle

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or just search “More Disciples on Amazon” to find it from your favorite search engine. More Disciples is written by Doug Lucas, with Introduction and Epilogue by Curtis Sergeant and Foreword by David Garrison. The Kindle version has Worldwide enabled and also comes with enhanced typesetting. Page Flip is enabled and you can also read it on Kindle Unlimited, if you’re a subscriber. What’s more, if you’ve already purchased the print version, you can pick up the Kindle version for just 99 cents. One reviewer (L.E.) wrote, “This thorough yet easy read is the one book you need to understand and participate in a disciple-making movement (DMM). Of course it is God who works on hearts and draws people to Himself, but this book is a handy tool for being part of what God is doing in the world and making His name known among the nations.” Chris Galanos is author of From Megachurch to Multiplication: A Church’s Journey Toward Movement. He wrote, “More Disciples is a must-read for every Christian! Making more disciples is the mission that Jesus left us with and should be a major focus of our lives. Doug does a great job articulating how every Christian can be a fruitful disciple-maker. Perhaps you question if God really can use you to make more disciples. Perhaps you assume that only pastors and missionaries can make more disciples. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This book will set you on fire as you realize that God not only CAN use you but WANTS to use you to make many more disciples!” Now, with the Kindle version available, you can take More Disciples with you in an encrypted folder on your hard drive to be a companion in your multiplication journey.

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  1. Marti Wade Reply

    Great job, Doug! About to highlight it in Missions Catalyst and will look for other opportunities to spread the word.

    It would be helpful, for promotion purposes, if those 15 endorsements were somewhere on the web, wouldn’t it? Amazon, the WIGTake site, and MakeDisciples websites could all be harnessed to better help get this tool into more hands.

    • Editor Reply

      Great thinking, Marti. By the way, new version in the works with Discussion Questions at the end of each chapter. Should be up on Amazon in 2 weeks.

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