14) The Last Bit: Could You Use the LightStream?

Last week, while traveling in West Africa, we came across a device called the Lightstream Pocket. I had been hearing about these for some time. But as far as I had understood, they were still kind of cludgy. This version seemed so cool. In short, it’s a dedicated Wi-Fi radio (source) designed to serve up files to people in your immediate proximity (say, 50 feet?). You can get them preloaded with languages or blank. Consider the file storage (for now) around 64 gigs. But the device doubles as an SD Card burner in the field. This thing is affordable and innovative. Imagine walking into a café in a sensitive land and being able to serve up copies of the Bible in a place where such a thing isn’t available. Learn more (including seeing the affordable price) at…




By the way, have you used the Lightstream? If you have, would you please click “Comment” and give us a hands-on review?

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  1. Len Bartlotti Reply

    I’ve seen the Lightstream demonstrated with materials for our region. Amazing product, among other innovative tools created by Renew, an anointed community/org of brainy techies.

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