9) Suppose You Were Hoping to Learn about Missions in Iceland…

How would you begin? Go watch James Bond, “View to a Kill?” Book a flight to Europe on “Wow Air” and score a free overnight in Reykjavik, and, while there, visit Keflavik, population 16,000, because none of your friends have been there? Decide on a whim to visit Husavik, popuation 2,300, because it’s not that often you get to visit 3 cities in a single nation, all of which end in the same sound?


Or — you could ask in Brigada Today, for starters. At least then, you’ll be able to read the Operation World page at…




see the PrayerCast video at…




But, what, beyond that? How would you learn about the people already working there for His Kingdom? And if the answer is too sensitive to post in a comment, please jot your note to editoratBrigadadotorg  (editoratBrigadadotorg)   and we’ll make sure we get the messages to the team who is researching Iceland for next steps. : ) Thanks everybody!

2 Responses to 9) Suppose You Were Hoping to Learn about Missions in Iceland…
  1. tony sheng Reply

    Traveled there once in 2015 and once just last month. Very interesting things going on with http://www.theicelandproject.org/

  2. Greg Aikins Reply

    My wife and I have been missionaries with Greater Europe Mission for 35 years and have spent most of them working with and among the Icelandic people. We lived in country for 17 years and are currently serving as field leaders for Iceland from our base in the U.S. We are engaged in helping to catalyze a cross-denominational disciple multiplication movement in the land of frost and fire. We´d love to interact with anyone interested in the work of God´s kingdom in Iceland.

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