12) Is Missio Nexus Becoming the New ACMC? Finally.

Finally, somebody might be stepping up to the plate to fill the gap for what we all used to call, ACMC. Have you seen, for example, the Missio Nexus media collection at…




It’s HUGE!!! And look at some of those titles! For example, “Mapping Church Missions: A Compass for Ministry Strategy.” This is *exactly* the kind of title ACMC might have produced back in the 80s. Unfortunately, as we’ve mentioned before, ACMC is no more — but Missio Nexus …. IS! : ) Hats off to Ted, Annette, and all the folks at Missio Nexus for filling this void.


3 Responses to 12) Is Missio Nexus Becoming the New ACMC? Finally.
  1. Blake McDaniel Reply

    There has been a significant void left by the disbanding of ACMC in April 2011. It would be great to see Missio Nexus pick up this mantel, providing strategic, sending agency neutral mobilization resources to local churches.

  2. JA Lienemann Reply

    I just randomly clicked on a few things (articles, podcasts, etc.) on their website and received this message, “The following content is accessible for members only, please sign in.”

  3. Dennis Miller Reply

    ACMC kick started me and my church on the missions journey. I even served with them for a short period of time with Roy Smith, David Mays, TomTelford, Larry Walker, John Dupree, and others. Colonel Bill Waldrop even gave me a ride from the airport to my first conference. I became the first certified missions pastor by the old NAMP process. Though I’m no longer directly involved in cross cultural ministry I’m still a big fan of what ACMC was and the great influence the folks that were part of it were in my life and and career.

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