4) Has Anyone Tried this "Air B&B for Cars?" (Turo.com)

Evidently, many Turo owners share their cars because they want help with the payments. They average sharing around 9 days/month – so they can drive it the rest of the month. The whole thing is connected via an app (think Uber). Special insurance covers against theft and physical damage. Travelers then “rent” the car like they might rent an Uber ride, except in this case, they’re driving it! Has anyone in the Brigada family ever tried this deal — driving or car-loaning? It seems promising.




(Good work suggesting this item, Tina!)


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  1. Kent Reply

    Yes used it many times. Always a good experience. Also our kids use it often. No issues. Read the small print, and remember it could be an older car so don’t expect a new Avis car.

  2. George G Robinson Reply

    Yes I used it to rent a soft-top Jeep for my wife’s birthday weekend trip to the mountains. It was great! Turns out the guy we rented from has 5 vehicles that he makes full payments on using this and just rotates which one he’s driving. He said it works best for people who live near an airport. Good experience.

  3. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Ha1 Our cars, one or the other, are “always” being used by missionaries or family in need! Didn’t think of renting it to them! ;-)

  4. Dawn McCordic Reply

    My sister has used it several times. Always a good experience. Saved $$$.

  5. Randall Richards Reply

    I have rented a car via Turo a couple times. It was OK, but not great. You also have to figure out how to get to where the car is. Most of the times I rent a car I check Turo, but find cars for rent via costco for about the same price.

  6. Chad Germany Reply

    I am currently a Turo host. We are supporting ourselves on the side while we launch Ask4Nations- a ministry to mobilize prayer for the nations.

    Turo is great. You can get $25 off your first rental if you use my referral link: https://turo.com/c/chadg34

    Couple things to keep in mind when using Turo:
    1. It is a Rideshare platform, not a rental company. You need to return the car clean and full of gas or you will get charged for cleaning and refueling. Even if you do get charged for cleaning price will probably still be far cheaper than a rental car company’s rate. Turo charges a $10 service fee for fuel reimbursements on top of the cost of the fuel. The host only gets the fuel cost, so save yourself the extra cost and make sure it is full when you return it.
    2. Not all insurance companies cover Turo. Don’t assume because they provide protection for Rental companies that they will protect you with Turo. Its not a rental company- it is a peer to peer Rideshare service. So your rental coverage may or may not cover it. Check and request verification in writing to protect yourself.
    3. Watch out for high delivery fees. Many hosts provide free delivery. The delivery fees get added to the price at the end of the transaction so you won’t see it until one of the last screens when making the booking.
    4. Be flexible. Most Turo hosts do this as a side gig. They are not full time. It will be more personal but you will need to be more flexible. Rental companies have dozens of the same car. With Turo you are renting a specific vehicle from a host. If that vehicle gets damaged, needs maintenance, etc the host will either have to swap you to a different vehicle or cancel the reservation.
    5. Enjoy the journey. As a host here in Hawaii I have met people from all over the world. Most of the time its a blast. The more you connect personally the better service you will get now and later.
    6. Read the reviews!!! The reviews tell you what others experienced.
    7. Wait to leave a review. You have 10 days to leave a review. And your review is your power. The host only has 24 hours to report damage and 72 hours to request reimbursement for cleaning costs. Always wait until after that 72 hours. This puts pressure on the host to treat you fair.
    8. Take photos before and after using the app. Document the condition of the vehicle inside and outside and the fuel level and the mileage. This will protect you after the trip and the photos before the trip activate the insurance coverage.

  7. Editor Reply

    Chad — GREAT input. Thank you for your forthright honesty! This is exactly what we needed.

    Neal – I smell a new retirement income source coming your way soon. : )

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