8) What Will We Do Without Darwin?

Could we ask a question? Does the scientific community (as you know it) still accept the theory of evolution? If not, how will we explain the “origin of the species” without Darwin? Has there been any other theory advanced lately to pick up what Darwin had tried to do (explain where we get so much and so many Precambrian life so quickly? Has anyone else advanced an idea explaining our origins? See, as a backgrounder, this article:




(Thanks Tina!)


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  1. Neal Pirolo Reply

    I read the whole article, though my eyes “rested” a few times! What in the world does this non-Christian, beat around the bush article that concludes that the author admires Darwin for launching a theory that Darwin himself admitted was his attempt to disprove God, have to do with Go! Preach! Go! Teach!? Go to creation.com for clear, concise, (almost) easy-to-read true scientific facts that honor God regarding the universe He created. All honor and glory to the only one true God of all creation!

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