8) What Do you Get When You Assume Every Web Page is Bad: Barracuda

Are we right when we assume that barracudas in the high seas are not super-friendly? Little did we know that the so-named web service (Barracuda) would be so uncooperative. Our organization relies on Barracuda to block emails from those with unwholesome motives. (If we become more detailed in describing their services, you probably won’t ever see this email.) Their approach to screening is becoming more and more obvious to us: “Block everything until we know it’s safe.” This means that virtually every new page on the web will likely be considered “unsafe” until Barracuda has given its blessing otherwise. For example, last week we promoted the website of a brand new book. Unfortunately, it was so new that the guys at Barracuda didn’t trust it. Therefore, tons of Brigada readers never saw last week’s edition at all. This approach (“guilty until proven innocent”) seems burned into their business model. So for the time being, if you want law-abiding citizens (who have signed on with Barracuda) to see your webpage, your best bet is to try to force an analysis of your new page the moment you open it. Otherwise, you’ll be considered a bad guy for the time being. Learn how to prompt Barracuda to look at your page (and receive a clean bill of health) by visiting Barracuda’s sites like…




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