14) The Last Bit: What the BBC Found about Arabs Might Surprise You

At the end of last year through spring of 2019, the BBC interviewed more than 25,000 people in across 10 countries and the Palestinian territories. They asked some very interesting questions like, “Are you planning on leaving your homeland?” “What decisions would you entrust with a woman?” “Would you sanction an honor killing?” “Do you have a more positive view of Trump, Putin, or Erdogan?” Answers to these and other questions might surprise you. One of the most revealing and relevant set of questions dealt with the question, “Do you consider yourself religious or nonreligious?” Interestingly, in several countries, significantly more people considered themselves nonreligious today than in 2013. In Tunisia, for example, the number of nonreligious had tripled — in just 5 years. This is a remarkable change for a country that has historically been virtually a police state. What’s your take on these and other changes? For example, in the case of Tunisia, do you consider it a positive thing for acceptance of the Good News — or a negative thing — if triple the number of people say they’re non-religious? Check it out at…


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  1. Roland Reply

    Can you provide a link to the survey?

    In recent days, Muslim evangelism has taken a new twist as more and more Muslims consider themselves Muslim-Atheists. They don’t believe in God, but they will defend Islam, because it provides a framework for understanding the world, and keeping families together. I have personally met many of these. For example, recently 35% of Saudi’s said that they were Muslim-Atheist.

  2. Catherine Reply

    Where would we find this interesting read please?

  3. Samuel Reply

    Very cute, where is the survey?

    • Editor Reply

      So sorry. We’ve added the missing link to the item. Thanks for asking!

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