5) Last Year We Cited This Video on Unreached Peoples… It’s Good

We mentioned this video last year

( www.brigada.org/2018/08/26_24374 )

But you know… it seems even better in 2019. Would you have 4 minutes in your church to show this? What if every church in every country would make this video available to its members? How might this change the way we give to missions?



First, you have to watch it. Will you?


(By the way, thanks to Kelly and Michèle for bubbling this video back up in their last email update.)


5 Responses to 5) Last Year We Cited This Video on Unreached Peoples… It’s Good
  1. Mark Kordic Reply

    Fantastic update! We re-double our plan to reach all people’s with Good News! Alliance for the Unreached

  2. Ted Bjorem Reply

    here’s one I like

    they have better one I’ve downloaded: Act Beyond v.2 but unable to find a link to give. I downloaded it in 2014

  3. Ted Bjorem Reply

    that’s weird, though I copied from and played on my computer, a friend pointed out it now brings up Bob Marley praising sin!!
    Double checked its been usurped!

  4. Editor Reply

    Not sure, Ted. It still works for me. Please try it again at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIDraNUGerE&feature=youtu.be

  5. Editor Reply

    Hi Ted. Either way, the video we cited still works:


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