5) How Did I miss the Development of "HEIC" as a New Graphic Format

Have you been seeing these new “HEIC” images lately? Nothing on your laptop will open them? They seem to have come about, in part, from a new iPhone iOS upgrade. If you need an app to convert them (for free) on your laptop, just head on over to…




You’ll find exactly what you need — with no spam, no trash built in, and totally for free. Thanks imazing!


2 Responses to 5) How Did I miss the Development of "HEIC" as a New Graphic Format
  1. Bob Allen Reply

    LOL! Alas, once again you are looking at this issue from a Windows-centric perspective. Preview and Photos are installed with MacOSX and both will open HEIC images natively at least as far back as High Sierra (MacOS X 10.13.6).

    In addition, I have several other photo apps that will handle HEIC images quite nicely: Luminar 3, Luminar Flex, Luminar 2018, Photolemur, GraphicConverter 10, and GraphicConverter 11. Additionally, the converter apps iMazing HEIC Converter that you mentioned and another, HEIC Converter, will handle them quite easily.

  2. Dan Reply

    Fortunately also GIMP (and other tools) on Linux (e.g. Ubuntu) can open HEIC images, see https://askubuntu.com/questions/958355/any-app-on-ubuntu-to-open-heif-heic-high-efficiency-image-file-format-pictur

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