10) Google Translate Works So Well, it’s Plain Weird

When we were kids, growing up, science fiction movies would speak about a universal translator that not only could translate into just about any language you choose, but, in addition, it would even figure out what language your new contact was speaking. Hello 2019. Google Translate is nearly there.  Check it out at…




Just type in any language on the left and watch the translation pop out on the right. It’s astonishing.


3 Responses to 10) Google Translate Works So Well, it’s Plain Weird
  1. Russell Board Reply

    I tried two simple Japanese sentences. It identified the language, but totally mistook the meaning.

  2. Dan Reply

    In January 2016 I used Google Translate while in Moscow to talk with brothers at a conference. I would say something in English and they would read the Russian on my phone and visa versa. While not perfect it was invaluable and I was blessed by hearing (reading
    on a phone) the stories of gentleman I shared a meal with.

  3. Duane Frasier Reply

    Google Translate has improved greatly, at least for Spanish, my second language. Occasionally I have to delete a phrase or sentence where the translation wasn’t great, and I often have to replace words that GT didn’t understand, often because it didn’t get my context.

    Still, this improving tool provides the basis for my translation work and avoids much typing. Often, GT is choosing a more natural sounding Spanish than I would have translated.

    Not perfect, but extremely helpful.

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