10) Righteous Rides: Great Deals on Wheels for Missionaries

This past week, I was paying a complement to one of our workers from Africa who happened to have a great vehicle for travel during Home Service. It turned out that they had obtained the vehicle from Righteous Rides. We’ve profiled them previously — but it’s probably been a while. How does it work? USA-sent overseas missionaries communicate with them in advance about vehicle needs while on home service. When the missionary family finally flies back to the USA, they travel first to Truesdale, Missouri (where Righteous Rides is based), pick up the vehicle kit that Righteous Rides has prepared in advance. After their furlough (usually 6-12 months), they travel back to Truesdale, drop off the vehicle, then return to their overseas destination. Righteous Rides charges a reasonable amount per month for the vehicle’s use, then recycle it, prepping it for the next family. They throw in lots of fun things to keep the kids busy while traveling. And the prices are incredibly reasonable. (Rule of thumb: You’ll end up paying a monthly rental roughly equivalent to a *weekly* rental at Hertz.) Try them. Learn more at…




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  1. Kim Kargbo Reply

    Righteous Rides now has something like 10 hubs around the country so missionaries don’t all have to travel to St. Louis anymore to pick up their vehicle. Much more convenient! And their care and support of missionaries in their vans is really top-notch!

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