14) The Last Bit: Best Online Site for Finding Mission Opportunities

This past week, a Brigada participant named Debra wrote to see if we still operated the age-old service called Brigada-Opportunities. At the time, a prospective worker or recruit could write a simple email address (in conjunction with Brigada) and a bunch of us would be monitoring that email group (which was actually an open-ended list-serve address, of sorts) then (in an ideal world) someone from the group would guide the prospective recruit to a mission field opportunity that fit his or her needs to a “T.” It was a great idea — in that it was free, easy to use, and promoted cooperation between several mission organizations and services. Of course, it was also difficult because, since it was free, the entire group of helpers was just doing it out of the goodness of our hearts. Like many such ideas, it ran its course and finally went out into space. But Debra had seen it referenced, a bit like … discovering an old Voyager Spacecraft still orbiting in outer space. (Remember this?


When I saw Debra’s note, I remembered Intercristo. When I searched for them on the web, I actually came across their contact information (of all things) in a VERY old book we did years ago called, “Resources for Missionary Recruits.” (Their contact info at the time was Intercristo Computer Matching Service.[P. O. Box 9323, Seattle, Washington 98109; Tel. 1(800)426–0507. Obviously, that’s long out of date by now.) Intercristo apparently merged with ChristianJobs.com in 2009.


But try as I might, in my web searches tonight, I couldn’t find anything exactly like the old “Intercristo” used to be. That surprises me. As interconnected as the web is today, one would THINK that such a service would exist. Does it? Is ChristianJobs.com the closest thing to it? If you were a mission recruit, where would YOU go to find a listing of all the best and greatest mission opportunities in the world? (Got an answer? If so, please just click “Comment” and let us know. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.)


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  1. Mary Kay Palguta Reply

    Mission Jobs at Missio Nexus is a resource.

  2. Helen Ernst Reply

    Response to 14) I used to reference The Finisher’s Project, which is now MissionNext and has a broader audience: https://missionnext.org/

  3. Paulette Fitch Reply

    MissionNext is the best online site to find mission opportunities. It’s the only site I know that can electronically match a person’s interests and skills with mission agencies and jobs and give them a list of those that would be the best fit for them.

  4. Mike Frith Reply

    This is what OSCAR is aiming to be/do. Yes, we’re based in the UK but we have a global focus! We have around 600 individual opportunities on our site. Plus we link to many other sites which list opportunities.

  5. Karin Reply

    For short-term opps and even up to 1-2 years, ShortTermMissions.com is great

  6. Carol VanDyken Reply

    As a recruiter for TWR – an international Christian media ministry, we find that MissionNext is our best source for finding people interested in missions with the skills we need.

    Another place we post our openings is the Gospel Coalition. They will post organizations’ mission openings at no charge.

    My husband and I originally used InterCristo back in the day.

  7. Caryl Mallory Reply


    Is a key place.

  8. Justin Long Reply

    Problem is almost by definition there are more opps than can be defined by a list. Opps are basically places X peoples in them X platforms. We at Beyond used to have job descriptions for every place we’d put a candidate until we realized that wasn’t scalable. So now we just have one job description for all workers and say If it’s an unreached people or
    Place we will consider sending a candidate.

  9. Myrna Hines Reply

    By far the best site is MissionNext (www.missionnext.org). Using this site, persons of any age and with any interests or skills can explore missions opportunities. The site allows potential candidates to review missions opportunities and to post personal profiles for agencies to review. Then they can contact agencies that interest them or interested agencies make the initial contact. It’s a great resource. Please check it out!

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