6) Get Vetted — then Read Accel’s First (August) Edition

Here’s a new journal by movement leaders FOR movement leaders. Accel magazine shares articles like, “The Most Exciting Aspects of Church Planting Movements,” “The Kingdom Business Project Summary,” as well as case studies about movements. Some of the key contributors are the same coaches who have helped leaders like Chris Galanos (From Megachurch to Multiplication) and many others who are multiplying churches and disciples. This journal appears to be helpful not only to those working overseas, but also those seeking to launch movements in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. The wild part is – it’s free of charge, once you’re vetted. Start by filling out the form at:




One Response to 6) Get Vetted — then Read Accel’s First (August) Edition
  1. Richard Goodall Reply

    I don’t know whether I qualify. I have just seen this for the first time. I’m not exactly sure what vet means unless it’s an animal doctor. I have planted churches in Japan since 1960; let’s say my 4 have split/multiplied into about 14 but I don’t have numbers of adherents; the numbers are too small to boast about. My children, down to great grands may be significant as they work in Japan except one who has American citizenship. I don’t know the country of citizenship of all children; they range from NZ to Japan to Germany Ossie, UK…

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