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Skit #1) Living in a different context:

Sally and Suzie in the foyer of church (names optional).  Sally studying the “live outside your context” panel –


Suzie – “Hi Sally, better be careful standing too close to that panel.  If someone from the missions committee sees you they’ll have you shipped off to a foreign country by nightfall.  There’s Doug Lucas, don’t make eye contact.”


Sally – “Actually I was able to do a mission trip last year.  It was such a blessing.”


Suzie – “Yea, well…I have to work for a living.  I don’t have extra money for things like that.”


Sally – “I know what you mean.  I had to do fundraisers and ask for donations.  I didn’t know if I would be able to raise the money, but thankfully my friends and family really helped out.”


Suzie – “But I can’t just take off and leave the kids, you’ve met my husband.”


Sally – “I felt the same way, but my husband felt he was part of the mission trip by stepping up and taking care of everything at home.”


Suzie –  “Well maybe if I was younger, without so many responsibilities.”


Sally –  “We had every age group on our mission trip, students, full time workers, retirees.  There is no age limit.”


Suzie –  “But I don’t have time to get a passport and shots and everything required to leave the country.”


Sally –  “I didn’t have to do all that, I went to Joplin, Missouri after the devastating tornado.”


Suzie –  (with a laugh) “Well that’s different.  I thought you went a mission trip (using fingers in quotes).”


Sally –  “What do you mean?”


Suzie –  “Well it’s not like you went out in the mission field as they call it.”


Sally –  “What do you consider the mission field?”


Suzie –  “I don’t know.  Somewhere destitute, without food, shelter, fresh water.  Half way around the world.”


Sally –  “It was reported that 75% of Joplin was effected.  7,000 homes were completely destroyed, over 800 more were damaged.  All these families were homeless, without food, shelter, clothing.  Is that what you would consider destitute?”


Suzie –  “…well, yes, I would.  I guess they really needed you.”



Sally – “I had this idea of going there to be this big blessing to all these people, but once I got there that changed.  Seeing the devastation and how these people were coping was very humbling.  I don’t know what affected me more, the older couples who had worked their entire lives and lost everything, or the children with no security of home and their parents who couldn’t provide for them.  Their strength and courage to keep going everyday was such a blessing to me.”


Suzie – “Children?  I never thought about the children, and I never thought of United States as a mission field before.  I guess it’s really wherever there is a need.”


Sally – “There is a need all over the world, including the United States, for Christians willing to step out of the comfort zone and say yes to God.”


Suzie – “(feeling very uncomfortable, looking at her watch) Wow, look at the time.  I better get to Sunday school.  If I’m too late all the good donuts are gone.  It was great to see you.”  (rushing off).


Sally –  “You too, see you next week, (then under her breath) and hopefully someday soon in the mission field (using finger quotes).”


Skit #2) Praying for the entire world:

Jill standing next to the panel, Suzie distracted walking across the stage, tries to avoid Jill when she sees her.


Jill – (seeing Suzie) “Hi Suzie.”


Suzie – (acting like she just didn’t see Jill) “Oh, hi Jill.  I didn’t see you there.”


Jill – “Did you hear the good news?”


Suzie –  “Services are ending early today so we can beat the Baptist to Cracker Barrel?.”


Jill – (pausing to realize what Suzie just said) “Uh, no.”


Suzie –  “The Kairos class is full so I can’t sign up?”


Jill – (getting frustrated) “No!  The Prayer Wall is here at Fern Creek Christian church.”


Suzie – “The prayer wall?  I’ve never heard of it. (turning to look at it)  Wow, it looks like the Vietnam Memorial Wall.”


Jill – “We hear that a lot.  But the Vietnam Memorial wall is to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  The prayer wall is to pray for those who have never heard of Jesus Christ or the sacrifice He made for us all on the cross.”


Suzie – “Who created this?”


Jill – “Doug Lucas was working with a church in California when the minister asked about the unreached people.  Doug told him there were websites he could visit, but he said there was too much information on the web.  He wanted something he could touch and see.  That’s when Doug and Team Expansion came up with the idea of the wall.”


Suzie – “There are a lot of names here.”


Jill – “I know. It’s sobering, isn’t it.  6,900 different tribes, castes, and kindreds. Many speak a language that’s unique just for that group. Some mission researchers use the term “unreached people groups” to describe these tribes. And guess what:


Suzie — “I can’t begin to imagine:”


Jill — If you add up the population of all these groups, you get a number way above 2 billion people. Some say it’s actually closer to 3 billion. That’s more than 1/3 of the world’s population!


Suzie — “So wait — you’re telling me that 1/3 of the world’s population is . . . what did you call it… ‘unreached’?”


Jill – “Right. In fact, researchers say that not only do they not know the Good News about Jesus, but in fact, they probably haven’t ever even HEARD of it before. In fact, most of them have probably never even met a Christian in their entire lives!”


Suzie – “So… won’t God just …….. be merciful to all of them, because they haven’t heard?”


Jill – “Great question, Suzie. Some people hope for that, but you know, there’s nothing in the Bible that promises it. In fact, the Bible promises just the opposite — that those who don’t obey his word can never reach Heaven.”


Suzie – “Whoa. That’s sobering. So you’re telling me that all these tribes don’t have a shred of a hope of going to heaven? Jill, that’s just not fair. Somebody should DO something about that!”


Jill – “Suzie, that’s the whole point. Now you’re getting it!”


Suzie – “but — it seems so overwhelming. Where do we begin???”


Jill – “I feel exactly the same way. That’s why our Missions Committee is suggesting that we focus on prayer — because … otherwise, it just seems like an impossible task.. But you know — with God,” …


[Suzie repeats the verse in unison with Jill,] “ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!”


Suzie — “So … how does the Wall fit in?”


Jill – “I’m glad you asked. Our Missions Committee is asking people to sign up for a one-hour slot to pray for a batch of these unreached peoples. They’ll even train you how to do it — next Wednesday, at 6:30pm. The prayer vigil, which is called, “Light the Fire,” starts at 8pm.”


Suzie – “Wait — there are nearly 7000 people groups, and we’re only being asked to pray for one hour???”


Jill – “I know. It’s not that much really. But it’s a start. And if we all work together, the whole Wall will be prayed for in one big extended weekend!”


Suzie – “I’m a little nervous. What if I don’t understand how? … and do we have to come here at the church? Won’t it be a bit lonely?”


Jill – “That’s what I’m trying to tell you. They’re going to train us how to do it. We just come next Wednesday to the training and then we’ll know how. And — about the building — they’re going to have guards posted, to take care of us and protect us. It’s kinda cool… like… our own security squad.”


Suzie – “Wow. This is a pretty big deal. They probably don’t need anybody else then.”


Jill – “As a matter of fact, I happened to have heard that they still need nearly 100 people to sign up. I guess it takes a lot of hours to pray for this many people.”


Suzie – “Well, if both of us sign up, then — they’ll be all but 98% done, right? :-)


Jill – “Right Suzie. Let’s do it. Let’s go sign up together!”



Skit #3) Kairos class (This skit is about a Kairos class, but you could retitle it about any missions conference or class, such as Perspectives. Learn more about Kairos by browsing to www.kairosUSA.com )

Suzie and Jill in the foyer.


Jill – “Hi  Suzie.  How are you?”


Suzie – “Good, how are you? “


Jill – “Great.  I talked to Sally this week.  She said you had some questions about missions.”


Suzie – “Well, um…we had a conversation about missions.”


Jill – “There is a great class coming here to Fern Creek Christian Church.  It’s the Kairos class.”


Suzie – “The what?  Can you spell that? (jokingly)”


Jill – “The Kairos class.  It helps you to see the Bible as an unfolding story of God, and His purpose and plan for His people and the nations of the world.  It uses scripture to walk through the history of Christianity and God’s goal to make His Name known among the nations.”


Suzie – “Sounds too much like work.”


Jill – “It is a commitment.  It’s an intense study that helps us not only learn the history of Christianity, but also understand our role to evangelize.”


Suzie – “Evangelize?  Wow, don’t you think you’re being a bit radical?  I’m not ready to go stand on the corner, waving my Bible and screaming at people the end is near!”


Jill – “That is not what the Kairos class, or the Bible for that matter, teaches.  The Kairos class walks us through the history of evangelism and how it started with the early disciples, and goes on to show us how we can evangelize across the world, as well as in our own community.”


Suzie – “(still not getting past the world evangelize) and I could never be on TV, with all the hair and makeup, TV puts on 10 pounds…”


Jill – “(speaking louder to get Suzie’s attention)  Suzie!  That’s not what I’m talking about.  TV wasn’t even invented when evangelism started.  Forget about TV!”


Suzie – “Oh, sorry.  What were you saying?”


Jill – “This is exactly why the Kairos class was developed. It’s not about being on television or even in the pulpit.  It’s about learning to be a disciple.  It starts with building relationships – reaching out to someone in need, giving your time, sharing Jesus by the life you live.”


Suzie – “I wouldn’t know where to begin.”


Jill – “That’s why you should take the Kairos class.  It helps you to understand God’s heart for lost people.  It teaches us through scripture of the Great Commission.  Jesus commands us to go and make disciples.  The Kairos class helps us to apply those principles to our lives.”


Suzie – “And that brings us back to missionaries!”


Jill – “Yes.  There are still almost 7,000 unreached people groups, groups who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus.  It is our responsibility as Christian to share the Good News.”


Suzie – “When is this Kairos class?”


Jill – “It’s on Sundays starting August 26th from 8 to 9:30.”


Suzie – “A.M.??”


Jill – “Yes, you can get up a little earlier for a while to get here.  After the Kairos class you can go to church and Sunday school class as usual.”


Suzie – “Well, maybe I’ll look at my schedule and see.”


Jill – “Great (looking at her watch) I better go.  I’m working in the nursery this morning.  I hope you decide to take the class with me.”


Suzie – “Whoosh!  I gotta start coming in the side door!”




[These skits are courtesy Peg and Garen, members at Fern Creek Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks Peg and Garen!]

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